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Article 6 of the current Policies document states:

Citizendium articles shall be as neutral, comprehensive, accurate and comprehensible as possible while respecting the balance of scientific evidence.

The above is the only binding rule on article inclusion. The policy outlined below remains as guidance.

Citizendium's Article Inclusion Policy is the policy that allows an article to be deleted by editorial decision in cases where all three of the following criteria are met: a) it has significant weaknesses; b) that deleting its content would remove nothing of importance from the project; and c) that the article is unlikely to be improved as there is no active interest from any member of Citizendium in developing it.

Any Editor may nominate any article for deletion on these grounds by placing the appropriate Request for Deletion template on the page with a public notification period of four weeks. Within this period, any Citizen may object by disputing any of the three grounds given above in formal notification to the Editorial Council. The final decision on deletion will then be made by the EC.

This policy was passed by the Editorial Council on December 6th, 2010 as motion PR-2010-008.

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