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Some hints, policies, and processes are more important than others. If we had to pick the most important, what would they be?

  1. Be bold, but behave professionally. Before making substantial deletions or substitutions to existing articles, give reasoning on the talk page.
  2. We provide important Objectivity Guidance.
  3. Link words and phrases (by surrounding the phrases with left and right double brackets: [[ ]]) where, and only where, the links are relevant to the point being made in a sentence, and where following a link will shed important light on the subject of the article.
  4. Make sure the "Content is from Wikipedia?" box, just above "Save page", is checked if the material originated on Wikipedia.
  5. Project discussion happens in the Forum; article discussion on the article's talk page.
  6. No advertisement; no self-promotion.
  7. No plagiarism, no copyright violation.

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