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See also: CZ:Technical Help and CZ:Technical Team

This page comprises information about the technical underpinnings of Citizendium. This information provides those interested in contributing to CZ technical development with guidance on how to do so. It also provides non-technical citizens with instructions how to file bugs or enhancement requests.

Server migration and upgrades

  • Migration test plan - a to-do list for current and future server migration and upgrade planning.

Check current settings on the live wiki

A (slightly modified) copy of LocalSettings.php is provided at CZ:Technical/LocalSettings.php, and you can check most settings there. You can also check which extensions are installed at Special:Version.

Other technical help


Technical Staff

Former tech staff:

  • Joshua Sadule (in 2020 if not earlier; on the server side of things; exited Mar. 2022)
  • Francisco Reyes (since March 27th, 2015; exited Mar. 2022; still advises some)

Other positions

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